Candy Mood Choker

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I’ve got the mood. The Mood for Spood.
Look, sometimes there’s paragraphs of what you could say and it could never quite articulate what you want to express, and then, there’s mood. A cheap and simple word to sum it all up.

So what is a mood? Urban Dictionary defines mood as “used to express that something is relatable…This implies that your whole being is one and the same with whatever you are commenting on.”
Cute little stick and pokes? Mood.
Cancelling Plans? Moooood.
Unlikely animal friendships? Huge Mood.
Miniclip games. M👏O👏O👏D
Self Care? Mood
Dogs being dogs. Aw. Mood.

You understand? aNyThinG cOuLD bE a mOOd.
Only 6 available! I have a few more beads leftover so if these sell out I could make one or two more but might not be the same colourway so this is all there is up for grabs.

Plastic beads (upcycled)
15 inches (with 2 inch extension)
handmade by meeee

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Candy Mood Choker

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