Glitter Bahgs

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Guy Who’s Definitely Not A Cop: haha damn mate those sure are some fire earrings yeah, can i have a closer look? haha yeah, know where we could get the real deal?

Are you edgy? Do you give the finger only when backs are safely turned? Then this item is for you! It’s perfect for every environment, festivals, church, around the dinner table when you show your mum and dad and they have a good laff cos they’re cool about stuff.
We’ve all been there, in the toilet stall to get in some quick bible verses and you’ve forgotten to knick a straw from the bar, or worse than that we’re in a cashless society, OR you’ve messed up your stash due to a unpredictable unfurling of a note your mate rick said he knew how to roll which he clearly fucking doesn’t jesus rick you useless fuck. oh NO. Fear not. The (definitely-not-counterfeit fiver) is a keep-straw! It unclasps silently and gurns your frown upside down. No more soggy ends! Just a realistic straw you can use time and time again and it’s eco friendly. It’s… glitty.

Think about it, you’re basically asking to be arrested, but story it tho.

+ Sterling Silver Gold Vermeil Earring Hook
+ Gold Plated Brass Chain and Clasp
+ Gold Glitter is Biodegradable 🌿🌿🌿
+ Biodegradable Straw 🌿🌿🌿
+ Super Dooper Lightweight

CLIP ON AVAILABLE for all you pierce-less types

💀💀💀WARNING 💀💀💀
This product contains glitter. Do not consume the contents of this bag because I don’t know and I don’t want to know what happens when you do, don’t be dumb.

always look after your friends.

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