Why Am I Like This Necklace

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Do you eat chocolate for breakfast sometimes?
Do you listen to 900 episodes of a true crime podcast and wonder why you have anxiety?
Do you neurotically obsess over a fumbled handshake/hug/cheek kiss with a stranger for 2 days after the incident?
Do you forget to drink water all day, get a headache and then guzzel a litre in one go?✞
Do you sleep in your next day clothes so you can sleep in an extra 10 minutes? What? oh yeah, no, me neither...
It’s time to ask yourself, and I mean very seriously like unpack all your generational baggage, sit down, turn off your phone, light some incense, look deep into your dehyrdated self and ask yourself: աɦʏ ǟʍ ɨ ʟɨӄɛ ȶɦɨֆ ?

And whatever you come up with, it's alright. Take your 2 hour nap in the afternoon. It's ok. You are enough. You're trying your best.

This necklace is PERFECT for layering because you get TWO statement necklaces for the price of one.
Stainless Steel Silver/18K gold plated so it won’t tarnish, you can wear it while listening to my favourite murder in the shower, bein a goth at the beach or *thinking about going back to* the gym.
"why" chain = 15inch
"am I like this" chain = 17 inch

✞pls do not skull 1 ltre of water ever all at once it is so bad for you.

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Why Am I Like This Necklace

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