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If you've been looking for your Spring leisure outfit because you found the perfect sunny spot in your house, look no further. If you feel the tides within you being erratically pulled in all directions and you use the sun to justify why you had 4 baths instead of writing back to one message, then this shirt belongs in your closet. Missed your deadline? That's just typical Asparagus in lunar subterranean Mars that can't be helped. Are you in deep romantic love but ended it with a text the next day? (do you feel so attack rn leo?) Are you creative and strong and addicted to tea? 
No matter who you are, you ARE in this shirt and you LOVE it. 

This is a unisex oversized design, original Struthless illustrations with tortoise-shell (not actual tortoise lol) buttons. 100% Rayon. 
Cam is 180cm and wearing a medium. Felicity is 168cm and wearing a medium. 


You are feeling generally good and generally not as good today. (woah)  


The inner child wants to come out today, but needs a babysitter. Buy this shirt you big baby.


I heard someone said you couldn't pull off this shirt... prove them ALL WRONG
! Literally buy out billboard space and chuck up a huge graphic of you stomping on their stupid wrong faces. Level up. You've got this xx


Ah, the one with the coolest sign 😎 nice. Double down with this cool shirt maybe? Triple down by turning into a literal crab? Pls?


You're still feeling attacked lmao


The sun's energy is radiating and you will experience a triumphant win in an argument contained solely in your head today. Well done, buy this shirt as a reward. 


You feel a change within yourself today. Perhaps a wardrobe update is in order. Perhaps it’s... right in front of you? Perhaps you'll go back to bed and cry idk


everyone gives scorpios a bad rap. but you know what, YOU sometimes deserve it. Nah, but really don’t apologise for being strong. This shirt will go well with the fact that YOU ARE SUPER HOT OKAY (this has been brought to you by SCORPGANG)


Move boldly and with confidence in the direction of this shirt. Alternatively you can move boldly and with confidence in no direction. Your therapist would love that...


ah the goat mermaid. yeesh, pick a direction. no just kidding it's sick to conquer both land and sea. Today you will go for a walk and maybe drink water from the tap, and perhaps you’re in the mood to flourish the wardrobe... classic mergoat


Uh oh, mercury is having a retro-phase (think: rockabilly). There is a heated comment section and you’ll want to chime in. Avoid this and instead focus your emotional energy into fashion and making a super cute fruit platter (WITH STRAWBERRIES!!!! unless u allergic)


You’re a generous type but today is the day to serve YOU. boil the kettle and get your bank card details. 
Then change your name, surgically alter your face beyond recognition, burn off your finger tips, get a new passport and just start fresh! It's called self care.



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