Lizard Queen Scaley Hearts

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As lizard queens, we have to wear our flesh suits to get by in society (ugh). But these little scaley heart earrings are a nod to our true selves. If you wanna shed the bullshit from the day, lay belly up in the sun, and serve staring looks while flicking your tongue then these earrings are for you ya bloody reptile. These earrings are soooo beautiful and catch the light in a very cool way. They fit in well among hoops and studs and the gold vermeil hook is good for sensitive ears and sensitive souls.

It's kind of hard to name the colours because the iridescent coating makes the colours change. They are not simply pink and green so even though the colour choice says "Komodo Dragon Turquoise" it's green and blue and teal like the sea and the "Belly of the Beast Pink" is rose and orangey like a sunset. Only 5 pairs of each colour available once it's gone they're gone. 

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Lizard Queen Scaley Hearts

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