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Clippy Earrings

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It looks like you are trying to stab me, would you like any help with that? It also looks like you are trying to find the meaning of life by doing DMT and nangs at music festivals, do you need any help with that as well?
That’s right, s/he’s back - you all bullied this virtual assistant and now look at him, he’s addicted to psychadelics and/or steals pineapples outta their nan’s wallets and puts it through the Ashfield RSL Pokies cos they let in 12vies there.
This little anthropomorphic creature just wanted to help and you all took it for granted. For SHAME!
Get your gabba on and prepare to see the face of God, these little guys exist now. And they want to help. And this time, it’s personal.
The pair comes as one of each clippy, Festy Clippy and Esh Lord Lipcay. The Daily Mail called them“a Hoot”

Stainless Steel (Nickle Free) and Soft Enamel. Based off Struthless Drawings

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Clippy Earrings

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